Project Description

SJ-1040 PS Foam Plastic Container Making Machine

Introduction of this plastic container making machine:

There are several important parts to this machine. Including the unwinding part, heating part, forming part, pneumatic blanking and cutting part, and scrap rewinding part.

Firstly, the unwinding part releases and puts the PS foam sheets into the machine.

Secondly, the heating part heats the PS foam sheets to the set temperature.

Thirdly, the forming part forms the PS foam sheets into different shapes by molds.

Fourthly, the pneumatic blanking and cutting part will take the final products away from the PS foam sheets. There are three different ways to do it. One way to use the equipment is to push the final products down to the belt blow, and then the final products will be taken out by belts. Another way is using mechanical hands to take the final products out to two sides directly. This way is full automatically. The third way is cutting the final products together with the scrap, and then taking out the final products by hand. It will use at least two more workers, but the price is the cheapest.

In the end, the scrap rewinding part will wind all the scraps to roll.

This model is our biggest model at present. If you are interested in other smaller models, please click this link to learn more.

Technical datasheet of this plastic container making machine:

plastic container making machine

Production process:

food box forming machine

Details of this machine:

plastic container making machine

You may like to ask some questions before the inquiry of our machine:

1. Are there any smaller models?

Yes, there are. This model is the biggest one in our factory at present. There are also four smaller models for your choice if your budget or factory area is not so much. You can choose any model suitable for you.

2. What is the size of this plastic container making machine?

The installation dimension is 22m * 5m * 3m, and it is around 26 tons. There are three machines for this production line, including a PS foam sheet extruding machine, a plastic container making machine, and a PS recycling machine. We will make a layout drawing for you if you need it.

3. What about the after-sale service?

We will send an engineer to your factory to guide installation and train workers for you. And 24*7 after-sale service will be supplied if you have any problems with the operation.

    We will answer your email shortly!