Project Description

SJ-1250 PS Foam Food Box Machine


There are many advantages to this model of food box machine:

Firstly, it has higher production efficiency than other models. The forming area is 1000*1250mm, which is bigger than equal models. So the production capacity will be bigger than other models.

Secondly, there are three ways of blanking and cutting chosen for this food box machine. One way is pushing the final products down to the belts. Another way is cutting the whole panel with the final products together, and then taking them off by hand. The third way is using mechanical hands to take the final products away to the two sides directly.

Thirdly, the best quality steel and aluminum are used in this machine.

Technical datasheet:

food box machine

Details of this food box machine:

food box machine

Questions you may ask before inquiry?

1. How many years has your factory produced this food box machine?

Around 20 years until now. In the beginning, there were only three models of this machine, we designed and improved it in these 20 years, and it is 5 models now.

2.  What products this machine can produce except the food boxes?

You can use this machine to form any PS foam containers, such as PS foam pizza pallets, PS foam egg trays, PS foam dishes, PS foam panes with patterns, etc. You can send us your samples, and our engineer will help you to produce molds for the products.

3. How can I install the machine?

We will send our engineer to your factory to guide installation and train your workers some days. This machine is easy to operate. The PS foam sheet extruding machine is a little hard to operate for new starters, but this food box machine is easier.

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