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Plastic Knotless Net Machine

knotless net machine


Plastic net machines include PE foam net machines and knotless net machines. The final products are different. PE foam net is softer and knotless net is stronger. Both of them have some advantages. I am introducing the knotless net machine here now. If you are interested in the PE foam net machine, please click this link to learn more.

Production process:

Firstly, the knotless net machine produces knotless net rollers.

Secondly, the bottom ironing machine makes the knotless net rollers into knotless net bags. Or use other spare machines to produce the rollers into bath flowers and other products.

Thirdly, knotless net bags are widely used in the field of packaging and protection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. And bath flowers are also widely used in the market now.

In the end, You can choose any color you like. Our standard color is blue and green now. You can choose any color you like. And also the color can be customized specially for you.

Technical datasheet:

knotless net machine

Workshop of the knotless net machines:

plastic net machine

Questions you may ask before inquiry:

1. What is the raw material of the knotless nets?

Both PP & PE are OK for the knotless net bags. And also you need to add other spare materials together to produce the final products. Our engineers will help you to check the materials according to your samples.

2. Does it only need this machine for knotless net bags?

No, this knotless net machine will produce knotless net rollers and then you need another machine named bottom ironing machine to make the rollers to knotless net bags or other products.

3. Are you professional for this machine?

Of course, we are the beginning and top manufacturer in this field.

4. Is it only one model?

There is only one model but two different configurations. One model is with one extrusion line and head, the other model is two extrusion lines with two heads. The two heads model can produce two knotless net rollers at one time.

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