Project Description

Plastic Net Bag Making Machine

Introduction of the net bag making machine:

Plastic nets include many different kinds according to the raw materials and production process. Such as PP nets, PE nets, PE foam nets, PS nets, etc. You can get all the right machines by telling me your raw material or sending us samples.

Our popular plastic net bag making machines are knotless net making machines and PE foam net making machines. Both of them can be used in the field of packaging and protection of fruits, vegetables, and easy-broken products, such as glasses.

Of course, there are also some differences between them. PE foam nets are soft and thick, and they can protect fruits, vegetables, and products more. But it is not as strong as the knotless nets. Knotless net bags are strong enough to carry the products. But it is not as soft as PE foam nets.

You can choose any of them according to your requirements. If you are interested in our PE foam net making machine, please click here to learn more.

Technical datasheets:

knotless net machine

Workshop of the machines:

knotless net extrusion line


1. What products this machine can produce?

This machine can produce knotless net rollers, and you can use the knotless net to produce other final products. Such as knotless net bags, bath flowers, flower protection nets, etc.

2. What is the production capacity of the machine?

There are two models for the machine according to the quantity of heads. One model is the machine with one head, and another model is the machine with two heads. The machine with two heads will produce more at the same time.

3. Have you exported this machine to other countries before?

Of course. Our domestic market is very big, and also we exported this machine to more than 20 countries in these years. Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, India, and Brazil are all of our good markets.

4. What is the delivery time?

This machine needs 20-30 working days to deliver.

5. How about the installation?

This machine is very easy to operate. We exported more than 100 sets within the years of COVID-19. At that time, our engineers can not go to guide installation. We guide the customers by video successfully. Now you can choose any way you like. Both guiding by video and sending an engineer is OK.

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