Project Description

PE foam pipe is popular used in many filed, such as package, food, etc.

What’s more, Let me introduce another usage of the cool protection pipe production line for air conditioner now.

Description of PE foam cool protection pipe:

As we know, There are bad weathers, such as snow, rain, heavy wind, cool temperature, etc, which will broke the air conditioner pipe outside the house. Therefore, the protection pipe is necessary in the installation of air conditioner.

Description of PE foam cool portection pipe production line:

According to this requirement, our factory design one complete production line for PE foam cool protection pipe.

This production line includes several machines, such as EPE foam pipe extruding machine, EPE foam sheet extruding machine, EPE foam sheet laminating machine, foam sheet cutting machine, and EPE pipe packing machine. Our factory designed these machines ourselves, which is easy operation with reasonable price.

By the way, this production line can produce several different sizes of pipe according to customer’s requirement by changing head. Which will help customer to save much money for different machines.

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