Project Description

PE foam tube is popularly used in many fields, such as packaging, food, etc.

What’s more, Let me introduce another usage of the XPE foam coating machine for copper pipe insulation for HVAC and AC devices now.

Description of PE foam tube with XPE foam covered pipe:

As we know, There is bad weather, such as snow, rain, heavy wind, cool temperatures, etc, which will break the air conditioner pipe outside the house. Therefore, the protection pipe is necessary for the installation of the air conditioner.

The foam tube is not only able to protect the copper pipe from bad weather but also reduces the noise and energy loss of the pipeline during transit. So this foam tube is widely used in HVAC and AC devices.

XPE foam

Description of XPE foam tube production line:

According to this requirement, our factory designed one complete production line for this foam tube. Which is to get the PE foam tube inside and the XPE foam sheet covered outside.

This production line includes three machines, a PE foam tube extruding machine, an XPE foam sheet cutting machine, and an EPE pipe packing machine (Which is also named PE foam sheet laminating machine). Our factory designed and produced these machines ourselves, which are easy to operate with a reasonable price.

By the way, this production line can produce several different sizes of tubes according to the customer’s requirement by changing the mold. This will help customers to save money on different machines.

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You can click this link to check the working video of the XPE foam pipe production line.

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