How about your EGG TRAY MACHINE?

//How about your EGG TRAY MACHINE?
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Project Description

Somebody asked me one question: How about your egg tray machine?

I thought this question for the whole weekend. In fact,  I did not think about it before.

Because all of the customers who choose our machine never ask me these questions before.

Some of them come to our factory and see the truth by eyes, and others just trust me enough and make purchasing by email.

Either way, all of them are satasfied with our machines and service.

If  you want to know more about our egg tray machine, which is also named paper pulp moulding machine.

I will list some questions and answers for you as follows:

1. Q: How many pieces egg trays your machine can produce per day?

    A: In fact, we have four popular models of this machine, and the production capacity is different from 1200 pieces to 6000  pieces.
Could you please tell me your capacity requriement? I will choose the right model for you.

2. Q: What is the material of the egg trays?

    A: There are many materials being used for egg tray production, and the most popular material is waste paper. Such as news paper, office paper, etc.
         Could you please tell me what do you want to use? I will check with our engineer if it is avilable.

3. Q: How about the quality of your egg tray machine?

    A: Our pulp moulding machine technology comes from Europe, and we develop the technology in the last 30 years.
        Our egg tray machine is widely used in many countries, such as America, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.

4. Q: What about the installation and training of workers?

    A:  Generally, we will send engineer to the customer’s factory, and help them for installation and training the workers until they know how to use it.
         But the commendation should be supplied by customer.

5.: Q: What is the advantage of your egg tray machine?

     A: Reasonable price with good quality and after-sale service.