Project Description

ET-600 Paper Mini Egg Tray Machine

Introduction of the machine:

  1. This 600pcs mini egg tray machine is designed for some customers who want to start paper egg tray businesses. The model does not need to make a huge investment. It is good for a start. There are two kinds of choices, one is a semi-auto model without an automatic dryer part. Please check the video from the link as follows for your reference. Another is the model with the dryer part. Both of them are good and easy operation for Installation and maintenance. The machine will work after connecting the three pipes and electricity. You can check the installation picture at the end of this page for reference.
  2. The rotary machine is available for the product as follows by changing the forming mold and transferring mold: Egg tray(30-packed,20 packed, etc); Egg box(6-packed,10-packed,12-packed,6+6-packed,18 packed,24 packed, etc); Fruit tray( for apple, tomato, pear, etc); Cup carrier(2-packed;4-packed, etc)
  3. The Semi-automatic model includes the following system:  pulp molding system; forming system; 4 pieces of aluminum mold–2 pieces forming and 2 pieces transferring.

By the way, If you need middle models, please check this link for reference, and if you need the biggest model, please check this link for reference.

Production line craft flow chart:

  1. Pulp molding system: The waste paper and water is mixed together and is made into paper pulp.
  2. The Forming system: The Forming mold form the product shape with the paper pulp from the Pulp molding system. The transferring mold takes the ready wet egg tray to the drying line automatically.
  3. Sunshine Drying: Manually takes the wet egg tray for sunshine drying.

mini egg tray machine

Technical datasheet of the mini egg tray machine:

technical data of mini egg tray machine

Molds and drawings for reference:

Installation of Mini Egg Tray Machine

connection of mini egg tray machine

  1. The model is mainly used for small business and personal use, which is a good start for new customers.
  2. The rotary machine is available for the product as follows by changing the forming mold and transferring mold:Egg tray(30-packed,20 packed, etc);Egg box(6-packed,10-packed,12-packed,6+6-packed,18 packed,24 packed, etc);Fruit tray( for apple, tomato, pear, etc);Cup carrier(2-packed;4-packed, etc)

1. Q: What are your main products?

A: Our main product is extruders, including Paper Egg tray machine, PE & PS foam sheet extrusion line, PS foam food box forming machine, etc.

2. Q: What is the size and production capacity of the machines?

A: This model needs a working place size of 8m * 8m*5m. If you need a dryer part, then the working place needs a little big to  38m*8m*5m (single type), 18m*8m*5m (multi-type)

3. Q: Do you need a dryer or not?

A: We have two different models for a 600pcs mini egg tray machine. One is an automatic model with a dryer, and another is a semi-auto model without a dryer.

You can choose any one of them according to your situation. For example, if your city is enough sunshine and is hot, you can choose the semi-auto model. If not, you can choose the automatic model.

4. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: This mini egg tray machine needs around 45days for production.

5. Q: How is the sales service:

A: We have professional engineers and workers for installation guides and training in your factory after-sales. But it is hard for us to send engineers to your country now because of COVID-19. We have installation drawings and videos to guide you now.  And my mobile is 7*24 available for you if you have any problem with our machine.

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