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Product introduction of PE foam pipe extrusion line:

EPE foam pipe is a kind of new-type foam material and it is widely used in the jackets of air conditioners, pipeline heat insulation, toy guardrails, recreation places, etc. Due to its high foam ratio, good elasticity, and heat preservation, it is also a kind of filling and ornament material.

And our PE foam pipe extrusion lines have some advantages:

  • Our machine uses high-quality carbon steel material for the body.
  • This epe foam pipe machine can produce not only pe foam pipes but also pe foam sheets by changing different heads and molds.
  • All our machines are tested for 48 hours before leaving the factory.
  • We have experienced engineers for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Welcome to visit our factory and you will get what you need. You can also check our video by this link for reference before inquiry. The machine in this video is producing the PE protection pipe for air conditioners. If you want to produce a small size and more flexible pipe, please check the link as follows. This video is taken at our factory, and we are testing it for our customers. The final product is less than 15mm in diameter. The product link is as follows for reference too.

Technical data:

pe foam pipe extrusion line

Details of PE foam pipe extrusion line:

pe foam pipe extrusion line

Workshop of the PE foam pipe extrusion line

pe foam pipe

Maybe you want to know something about the EPE foam pipe machine before inquiry?

1. Q: What are your main products?

A: Our main product is plastic extruders, including Egg tray production line, PE & PS foam sheet machine, EPE foam pipe machine, and PS foam food box forming machine, etc.

2. Q: What is the size of the machines?

A: Our production lines have several different sizes depending on customers’ requirements, so you can choose them according to your factory area and production capacity requirement. In a word, email me your production capacity and EPE foam pipe size first, and then we will help you to find the best suitable model.

3. Q: What is the delivery time and how many containers does this machine need?

A: This machine needs around 1.5 months for production and test. And this model needs 1*40″ HQ containers.

4. Q: How is the sales service:

A: We have professional engineers and workers for installation guides and training in your factory after-sales. And my mobile is 7*24 service for you if you have any problem with our machine.

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