plastic net making machine

Description of the plastic net making machine

Plastic net making machines are different from the raw materials. You will have two choices in our factory.

One choice is the PE foam net machine. The main raw material is LDPE, and it is foamed by butane. The final product is a PE foam net, it is very soft and can protect fruits, flowers, vegetables, and easy-broken products from broken. 

Another choice is this plastic knotless net machine. The main raw material can be PE and PP. The final product is widely used in the field of protection and packaging and also carries fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc,

You can send us your samples before the contract, our engineers will help you to choose the right machine according to your samples.

Technical Datasheet of plastic net making machine

This plastic net making machine can produce knotless net rollers. Two models can be chosen. One model is with one head and only produces one roller. The other model is with two heads and can extrude two rollers at one time.

You can choose any model according to your situation.

plastic net machine

Workshop and delivery of the plastic net making machine

knotless net extrusion line
knotless net machine


Maybe you will ask before inquiry?

1. Q: What are the raw materials of plastic net machines used?

A: To produce plastic nets, you should confirm which kind of plastic net first. We have two different kinds of plastic nets. One is a PE foam net and another is a knotless net. This machine is designed for knotless nets, and the main raw materials can be PE or PP. We will check your samples and confirm the raw material for you before the contract.

2. Q: What is the size of the machines?

A: The dimension of the machine is 12m * 5m * 2.2m, and the weight is around 4 tons. You need a workshop at least 15m*6m*3m. Because you need space to operate and stock the final products. You also need another machine named the Bottom ironing machine to produce the knotless net rollers to knotless net bags. One set of plastic net machines with one set of bottom ironing machines needs one 20″ container to deliver to you.

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: It will take about 30 days for this machine.

4. Q: How is the after-sales service?

A: We have professional engineers and workers for installation guides and training in your factory after-sales. And mobile is 7*24 available for you if there are any problems with our machine.