knotless net extrusion line

SJ-WJW65 Knotless Net Extrusion Line

This knotless net extrusion line is also named the mesh bag making machine. The final product is knotless net rolls. 

You can use the Bottom ironing machine to produce knotless bags from the knotless net rolls. 

The main materials are PE or PP. We will help you to find which material is better when get your samples.

You can contact me for more details if you are interested in our machines.

knotless net extrusion line

Workshop and Technical Data Sheet of the Knotless Net Extrusion Line

For this knotless net extrusion line, there are two models for customers’ choice.

One choice is the knotless net extrusion line with one head and one mold. It can extrude one final product. The advantage is easy to operate and the disadvantage is a little lower production capacity. 

The other choice is the knotless net extrusion line with two heads and two molds. There are two extrusion units to extrude two final products at one time. The advantage is higher production capacity. It is also easy to operate.

You can choose any configuration according to our requirements.

Delivery and After-sales Service of the Knotless Net Extrusion Line

Delivery of Knotless Net Extrusion Line

The machine will be packaged into six or seven pieces by films before delivery. And we will load them by forklift and crane to the container or trucks.

We will help customers to calculate how many containers it needed if they need not only one set.

After-sales service of the knotless extrusion line:

  • We will manufacture and test the machine to work more than 2 hours before shipment.
  • One engineer will be sent to your factory to guide installation and train workers for you if you need. (Some of our customers want us to guide them by video because it will save cost in this way.)
  • Our after-sales mobile will be 24 hours waiting for you if there is any problems in the production.
knotless net machine

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