Shandong Shuangji mainly produces plastic machinery. It mainly includes three kinds of machines, which are the paper egg tray machine, EPE foam machine, and PS foam machine. In detail, the egg tray machine, PE foam pipe extrusion machine, PS foam sheet making machine, EPE foam sheet machine, foam laminating machine, foam thickening production line, knotless net machine, foam food box making machine, etc.

To be the leading manufacturer and the first enterprise in the plastic machine field in China, there are more than 20 experienced engineers for all of our machines, especially for paper egg tray machines, foam sheet machines, and foam food box making machines.

Furthermore, the products are not only used in the fast food industry but also the packaging industry and various areas of life. For example, egg trays for egg production factories, foam food box making machines for disposable lunch boxes, foam containers, food boxes, pizza boxes, pearl cotton packaging film, fruit net covers, bath balls, and so on.

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foam container machine price

Our main products in the 12000 square meters workshop are as follows:

  • PS foam sheet extruder machine
  • PS foam food box machine
  • PE foam sheet extrusion line
  • PE foam pipe machine 
  • Fruit net making machine
  • Knotless net extrusion line
  • PS recycling machine
  • PE laminating machine
  • Paper egg tray machine

Products list produced by our machines:

  • PS foam food boxes, containers, plaza plates, etc.
  • PE foam sheets, PE foam pipes.
  • PE foam net bags for fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • PE tube with XPE covered pipes for AC & HVAC.
  • PE tube with LLDPE covered pipe for AC & HVAC.
  • PS foam sheets, PS foam panels, etc.
  • Knotless net, knotless net bags, knotless fruit net bags, etc.
  • Paper egg trays, paper plates, and pallets for products.

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foam products


  1. Professional engineers make designs according to customers’ situations.

  2. Hard-work workers produce every part of the production lines in our factory.

  3. Excellent after-sales service team guides installation and training workers for customers.


Our engineers can make free design for you if you can supply the situations below:

1. Size of the factory

2. Daily production capacity

3. Climatic condition


There are two ways to training workers for customers:

1. Generally, we train workers in customers’ factory together with installation.

2. We can help to train workers in our factory if customer like.


Delivery: For most of our production lines, we can promise to make delivery within 1-2 months after the contract.

Maintenance: We will send an engineer to help and guide installation in the customer’s factory and train workers for maintenance after sales.

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